About The Scarf Garden

Gabby Elstow The Scarf Garden

I’ve always been passionate about fabric, embroidery and craft.  Having learned about colour analysis 25 years ago where a part of the colour wheel flatters your skin tone to make you look younger, fresher and slimmer, I started selling scarves in seasonal tones to help women look more beautiful with their best colours close to their face.  Scarves enhance an outfit adding style and colour to your look so they are a great accessory to purchase.  My clients have grown their own beautiful collection from The Scarf Garden over the years.

My business began when I came across some unique, beautiful, hand-made, silk scarves in the souk in Istanbul on an exciting first visit to Turkey.  Since then I have spent many years travelling to India to source unusual, beautifully coloured and varied textures and patterns of scarves some embellished with embroidery and of course sequins to add glamour and sparkle. 

I have more recently sourced wonderful scarves in Turkey in silk, wool and cotton in brilliant colours and exciting colour combinations and have finally been encouraged to put them online for greater access and enjoyment.

Some of the most beautiful scarves in natural fibres come from both these countries and with my connections and friendships it has been a joy to head out in search of new collections as often as I can.

The excitement is to find something new and different and I find that scarves are unique to certain areas and cultures which gives them a history and life all their own.  It would make a great story to cross the world exploring each technique and the people and craft behind it.

I very much hope you love these collections in your seasonal colours and that you can pick a beautiful scarf to begin your own collection at The Scarf Garden.